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Who’s MEST?


Modern Electronic Systems & Technology “MEST”


Founded in 1996 as a pioneer in the field of superior Performance IT products and services, Modern

Electronic Systems & Technology.


MEST has established itself as an industry leader in the Egyptian market.

MEST Has partnered with major companies in Egypt and has consistently developed and delivered

Integrated systems and services at competitive rates.


As the business expanded and continued to demonstrate a solid increase in its customer base, MEST took steps towards becoming a SAE Company with a capital of 10,000,000 L.E ,to support clients with world class servers, PC’s and networking solutions from major global corporations and companies.

Today, MEST dedicates all of its efforts to delivering the highest quality standards of IT Services, As a result of this outstanding performance, MEST has achieved degrees of high satisfaction from corporate customers such as:

Mobinil, SUCO, Karon Petroleum, Egypt Gas, Khalda Petroleum, Mobil Oil, AUC, FAO, WFP, WHO, UNISCO, OUDA, Alitalia, EAB, City Bank, Cairo Bank, Arab

Int. Bank, Hilton Hotels The last 3 years have witnessed a substantial increase in Egyptian market shares thus enabling the company to expand its services to a greater variation of market segments. 

  • Retain employees and provide them with professional development programs to ensure key competencies and sustain growth.
  • Maintain financial flexibility to continue investing. Also, we have branches of shops in different

Malls and individual mega stores serve end users.